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Vogel Environmental Services & Renewable Energy

We are proud to be named a SWANA 2018 Excellence Award winner. Read more on our Seneca Landfill blog.

2018 SWANA Excellence Award for Landfill Gas and Biogas.

Seneca Landfill company logo.

Seneca Landfill

Seneca Landfill is a cutting-edge facility serving the needs of customers throughout Western Pennsylvania and Ohio by accepting a wide range of non-hazardous waste. But that's just the beginning of what we do for our clients and our community. Visit Website>>


Lego-V Renewable Energy company logo


Lego-V is a renewable energy plant located at Seneca Landfill. This gas processing plant converts landfill gas into clean, high-quality natural gas, which goes into the pipeline for direct use by consumers and local businesses. We generate enough natural gas annually to heat over 3,600 homes in western Pennsylvania. Compressed natural gas is also used to power CNG trucks. View Map>>


Survey Tech and Associates company logo

Seneca Engineering, LLC

Seneca Engineering is a civil, environmental engineering and compliance support services firm. The company has assembled a team of professionals who have collaborated to provide industry-leading expertise in cost effective, environmentally responsible landfill operations, composite liner system design/construction, and environmental compliance. Visit Website>>

Survey Tech and Associates company logo

Survey Tech

 Survey Tech provides boundary line surveys, formal subdivisions, aerial and topographic mapping, site planning, grading plans, volume computations cuts/fills, sanitary sewer planning, street and road planning, and consulting. Visit Website>>